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Stephen Galvano has traveled to Italy numerous times in recent years. As a result of the World Ministry Conference, he has linked with Remo Cristallo, a widely respected Christian leader in Italy. In October 2002, Stephen Galvano traveled to Italy and while based in Napoli, he traveled all across the nation teaching in packed churches, auditoriums, and other venues. The ministry was completely successful. Hundreds of pastors and thousands of people were touched, renewed, and encouraged to continue their works in Italy and Europe. Click here to see "Napoli", a film documenting this experience.
In October 2004, Stephen Galvano returned to Italy where he was the keynote speaker at a large conference in Benevento. Hundreds of pastors from all around the nation were in attendance. While in Italy, Stephen Galvano traveled to Sicily, and visited many churches including some that he planted and that call SGWW their covering. A documentary film called "Benevento" is scheduled for release in 2006. Click here to visit the Benevento website.


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