In April 2000, Stephen Galvano led a ministry team to Zambia. Their goal was not to build a church, or build up themselves, but to simply encourage and edify Pastors and leaders. God moved overwhelmingly. Over 250 churches partcipated in a event that touched the entire nation. All said, over 20,000 attended the evening rallies where hundreds were healed, and nearly 10,000 were saved. The daily Pastor's seminar touched more pastors than any other event in recent history. They were renewed to continue God's work. We believe the residual effects of this event will continue.
Now Playing: "Zambia, the Crusade that Touched a Nation". Captured completely on location in Zambia, Africa, this film chronicles the entire journey of Stephen Galvano and team as they undergo this life-altering experience. Journey with them across the plains of Africa, and see a nation being transformed. Running time: 51mins. Click above to view. This film is also available on VHS and DVD, click here to order. Click below for information on the Kabwata Orphanage, as seen in the film.
Lusaka, Zambia

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